Why to Get a Home Inspection Report When Buying a Home

Why You Should Get a Home Inspection Report When You Buy a Home
Repairmen, building inspectors, exterminators, engineers, insurance adjusters, or other blue collar workers examine a building/home’s exterior wall and foundation. One wears a red hard hat and clear safety glasses and holds a clipboard. The other checks the foundation with tool.

When buying a home, you’ll need to do your homework to ensure the property you’re purchasing is in its best condition. Here’s why you should get a home inspection report before closing on a home. 

What Is a Home Inspection Report?

While a property inspection isn’t mandatory, it is usually recommended after your purchase offer has been accepted. A licensed professional will conduct a thorough walkthrough of the house, looking for issues that could delay your closing date, such as structural issues, leaks, or electrical or wiring problems. The inspector will also be looking for termite damage, roof damage, or any other problems caused by the elements.  

Benefits of a Property Inspection

The biggest benefit of conducting a home inspection report is discovering and addressing any large problems with your prospective home before you buy it. A thorough home inspection report will allow you to determine if the property has any underlying issues that the seller should address. 

After the inspection, you can sit down with the seller to discuss these issues and determine who will pay for repairs prior to your purchase. This allows you to be proactive in fixing up your property and will save you time and money in the long run by correcting issues before they get worse. 

Your seller may be willing to pay for more of the required repairs, or they may even be willing to negotiate for a lower purchase price. 

How Home Inspections Affect Mortgages

Knowing your property issues in advance can also save you time and money throughout the mortgage process. If your property has multiple problems, it can make getting a mortgage more difficult. This could result in a larger down payment, a smaller loan, or even a rejected mortgage. By getting a home inspection report before you apply for your mortgage, you can fix any growing problems and receive the best possible mortgage for the home of your dreams. 

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