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The Benefits and Limitations of a VA Home Loan

Millions of people in the US are eligible for home financing with a VA home loan, and even though many veterans may have already used their VA loan benefits, it is possible to purchase a home again with VA financing by either using the loan entitlement that is remaining from the first purchase, or by having their loan entitlement restored.

Before arranging for a new mortgage to finance a home purchase, veterans should consider some of the advantages of VA home loans:

Advantages of VA Home Loans:

VA Loan Limitations

A VA loan cannot guarantee that the home you buy, whether it be new construction or previously occupied, will be defect-free. A VA appraisal is not intended to act as an inspection of the property, and if you have any doubts as to the condition of the home, it is advisable to seek out a professional inspection before committing.

Whether you’re purchasing your first home through a VA home loan, or you’re using your loan entitlement to purchase another home, Butler Mortgage can help. Call our team of experts today at 407-931-3800 with any questions regarding VA home loans.


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