The 2017 Kissimmee Home Value Forecast

home values

2017 promises to be a year of growth for Kissimmee’s housing market. After peaking in the early 2000s, the area experienced significant declines that are only now correcting themselves. These corrections are attributed to renewed interest in alternatives to the crowded Orlando market.


Prices are the key factor in this area’s renaissance. Averaging less than $200,000 for prime selections, it’s easy to see why the 2017 Kissimmee home value forecast is optimistic. Those price projections include recent increases that have reached double-digit percentages at times.

Expanding Market

Another reason Kissimmee is quickly becoming the choice for Central Florida home buyers is a growing number of additions to the market. Contractors have seen substantial growth in the area thanks to developers who are spotting the need for affordable housing solutions. They are betting on this level of prosperity to continue at least through 2017 and likely into 2018. With the city implementing a 2015-2030 plan for development, there’s no reason to think they’re wrong.

Lack Of Problems

No problematic issues appear to be on the horizon for this 2017 Kissimmee Home Value Forecast. In fact, Kissimmee is expecting a steady year regarding jobs and city development. That may seem boring to those outside the housing industry, but there’s nothing better for home buyers seeking a stable deal.

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