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What is Included in Closing Costs?


With your house-hunting efforts finally behind you and your preferred lender found, you can start making your way down the final stretch to home-ownership – settlement day, also referred to as the ”Closing.” At least 3 business days prior to your closing, the title company (or your lender) will have sent you a copy of your closing documents. Read through them carefully, as they will include details on the closing costs that are due the day of closing.

Closing costs will cover both recurring and nonrecurring fees that are a part of your transaction. Recurring costs are ongoing expenses that you will continue to pay as a homeowner, with a portion of them due upon closing. Nonrecurring fees are one-time costs associated with borrowing money and the services required to purchase the property. Recurring costs are placed in your escrow account, which serves as a savings account for those upcoming costs.

Common recurring costs include:

Nonrecurring costs may include:

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