How Mortgage Amortization Works

How Mortgage Amortization Works
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Mortgage amortization is the process of eliminating your mortgage debt with regular, fixed schedule payments that gradually chip away at both the interest and principal balance over time. But how exactly does mortgage amortization work?

The Mortgage Amortization Process

To understand how mortgage amortization works, you must first know the difference between paying interest and paying off your loan’s principal balance. A monthly mortgage payment will cover a percentage of both your interest and principal. The interest rate of a mortgage is the fee lenders charge you to take out a loan. Interest is added on top of the principal balance, or the amount that you initially borrowed. 

At first, your mortgage payments will go mostly toward your interest and less toward your principal. However, as your loan balance decreases over the months and years, the amount that a lender can charge for interest decreases as well, thus causing the portion of your payment going toward principal to increase. Eventually, toward the final years of your loan, your interest will be just a small part of your monthly payment, and you will notice your balance going down rapidly. 

To figure out how much goes to each in a particular month, divide your interest rate by 12 (the number of payments you will make in a year). Then multiply that number by your current balance. For example, if your rate is 6%, divide .06 by 12, which equals .005. If the balance is $200,000, then $200,000 x .005 = $1,000.00. That is the amount of interest you will pay that month.

Why Is Mortgage Amortization Important?

Mortgage amortization is crucial because it helps you figure out several important aspects of your finances. Mortgage amortization allows you to:

By analyzing an amortization schedule, you can discover which mortgage payment strategy works best for you. Understanding your mortgage amortization also helps you plan for the future and take the quickest path toward debt-free home ownership.

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