What Does a Title Company Do?

Not to be confused with a deed, which is a legally binding document used to transfer property from one owner to the next, a title is documentation that explicitly states that you own the property. In the homebuying process, title companies verify that the real estate title gets properly passed to the homebuyer to guarantee … Continue reading What Does a Title Company Do?

Things to Know When Refinancing

Refinancing: The process of replacing an existing loan with a new one. When homeowners refinance, they repeat the mortgage process they completed when they first purchased their home, but instead of buying a new home, they get a new loan. If you’re a homeowner considering refinancing, below are key tips to consider.  Why Refinance?  When … Continue reading Things to Know When Refinancing

Understanding the Right of Rescission

When purchasing a home, the homebuyer can expect the transaction to be finalized at the time of settlement, or once both parties have executed all documents and the lender issues a funding authorization. However, for certain transactions, most notably refinances, the loan is not officially funded until the borrower’s right of rescission has passed. The … Continue reading Understanding the Right of Rescission

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