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The Advantages of FHA Mortgages

Many first time homebuyers have a difficult time coming up with the large down payment necessary for a conventional mortgage, or lack the strong credit history required to secure financing. Luckily, a mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) is a great alternative, as they do not have the same strict requirements. The basic … Continue reading The Advantages of FHA Mortgages

Buying a House with Bad Credit

Purchasing a home requires having enough money on hand for a down payment, a history of on-time payments over the past couple of years, and a steady income; but do you necessarily need a perfect credit history? While a high credit score will often bring more favorable loan terms, you can still buy a home … Continue reading Buying a House with Bad Credit

What Do Underwriters Do?

After you’ve found a home you like, made your offer, and have been pre-approved for a mortgage, you might think the job is almost done. However, there is  still one important hurdle to clear, and that is getting a final approval from an underwriter. So what exactly can you expect? Think of an underwriter as … Continue reading What Do Underwriters Do?

What is an LTV Ratio?

An LTV, or loan-to-value ratio is a way of comparing the size of a home loan to the value of the property securing that loan. Many lenders use an LTV ratio to determine how risky a loan is, and it is often used in the loan approval process or to determine if mortgage insurance is … Continue reading What is an LTV Ratio?


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